Terms and Conditions

Purchase Acceptance:

Acknowledgment or commencement of performance by Seller of this Order, whichever occurs first, shall constitute acceptance of this Order and all Buyer terms and conditions specified herein (“Terms”) and on the face hereof

I understand and fully comply with the regulations for this website NOT to hold ‘Mask Your Face’, Streaming Best, LLC or Alton R. Rogers, or any of its subsidiaries, or employees, or officers or owners or associates of any kind responsible for the use of the product(s) sold here.  I will take full ownership of the use and care of the product(s) and at NO time hold anyone or any associate with this product I purchase here today responsible in any way.

I further agree to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC regarding the proper wear of cloth face coverings.  I have been advised that I can download a copy of the guidelines on their web site at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/DIY-cloth-face-covering-instructions.pdf. 

I also fully understand that a product of this nature does not allow for refunds.